7 Habits of Successful People

Learn the Habits of Successful People for Great Communication

Every great leader is a also a great communicator. Great leaders are intentional about their communication. They understand the habits of successful people and strive to live those habits daily. They work to builid connections with others. They influence and inspire others to do their best. Master these ways successful people communicate and watch your leadership skills soar.

Great leaders know how to communicate. They understand that habits of successful people can be learned. Leaders motivate soldiers to run into battle, to create new technologies, and to rise out of their fear to achieve greatness. To achieve this a leader must be able to express their vision of success so that others believe it too. And not just kinda, sorta, maybe believe it. Leaders stir up passion, exuberance, and desire. A true leader can connect with many people in a personal way. Uniting a group to become one. A symphony of minds and bodies united for one single song.

Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. Some are intimidating in size and larger than life. Others like Bill Gates, lead with a softer more analytical understanding of what motivates people. But what all true leaders have in common is something that can be learned and developed. True leaders have developed a habit of communicating so that the many strive for the same single goal.

Great communication is a habit for many reasons. For starters, being a leader is not a one shot deal. You don’t give a speech and then you’re done. Leadership is a habit that is tried and tested every day. There are habits to communicating that inspire people to follow along on your mission.

Practice these successful skills of communication and will learn the habits of successful people.

Leaders Are Honest

Leaders are not afraid to say it like it is. Even when it means rocking the boat or downright making people angry. Leaders have a habit of clear and honest communication. They ensure that eople have the information they need to get the job done. People may not like what you have to say, but when they know it is the truth they will respect you.

Leaders Value Your Time

Leaders have a habit of keeping things brief and to the point. They do not schedule meetings unless they are necessary. Leaders do not expect you to stay at the office until 7 PM when the work for the day is done at 4 PM. Leaders have a habit of valuing time and are more focused on results than watching the clock.

Leaders Give You Space

Leaders have a habit of trusting their people. A real leader will not put someone in a job that they are not qualified to do. This means that they will not micromanage their employees and fret over every action they take. Learning to let go is one of the most powerful habits of successful people.

Leaders Share the Glory

Leaders have a habit of sharing credit for a job well done. True leaders will put the spotlight on the people around them.  They won’t try to steal all the accolades for themselves.

Leaders Shut Up and Listen

Leaders have a habit of listening to their for ideas. They understand that the people closest to the action have a unique understanding of problems and solutions. Leaders will encourage open communication and listen to what people have to say. Sometimes developing the habits of successful people is as simple as being quiet.

Leaders Are Curious

Leaders have a habit of being curious and asking lots of questions. When you learn as much as you can about a situation or problem you can gain new and interesting perspectives.

Lou Holtz said, “I never learn anything talking. I only learn things when I ask questions.” Mr. Holtz understood the habits of successful people. He knew that leaders seek to gain new perspectives by asking questions.

Leaders Invest In People

Leaders have a habit of investing time and energy into developing the people around them. Leaders will see the potential in people and work to cultivate that potential over time. Leaders understand that change takes time. They value the experiences of those around them.

Today’s most successful people have learned the art of great communication. They have mastered the habits to motivate people to reach new levels of success. Develop these habits of successful people and you will become a world class communicator. Your leadership skills will skyrocket along with your success.

Erik Mercer

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