Live a Better Life

Most people are busy and do not have time to  do all the things they really want in life. Responsibilities add up and time starts to slip away. Months and years can go by and your goals and dreams continue to take a back seat to the day-to-day activities that have to do. Most people do not have the time, energy, or desire to deal with the trial and error process when it comes to learning a new skill, starting a new habit, or achieving a new quality of life.

better life

The 5BW is a series of books created to solve these problems FAST and help you live a better life.

The 5BW Series is created by following trends, forecasting issues and habits, and then researching the fastest ways to solve achieve big results fast.The reason developing healthy habits and real change always seems to take so much time is simple. It’s hard to know what to do when you are trying to do something you have never done before. The 5BW Series looks at trending issues and habits that people are struggling to accomplish and breaks them down into the 5 MOST EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS.

When people focus their efforts and energy on the proven pathways to results magical things can happen.

  • New habits
  • New success
  • New results
  • A Better Life

…FASTER than ever before!


About the Authors

Erik Mercer

Erik explores life with a deep passion for understanding why and how people behave. Erik uses his background in personal coaching, business, and his life experiences to help people from all over the world to live a better life life and reach their true potential.

Lisa Caper

Lisa Caper is an author and social commentator. She earned a Masters degree in Media and Communication Studies and has enjoyed a successful career producing nonfiction television spanning several genres. Lisa has an uncanny ability to immerse herself completely in a topic or subculture. She can quickly gain the trust of its members and become an expert in the field.

Lisa loves breaking down a process to bring simple and effective strategies to her audience. She prides herself on being approachable and concise so that you get maximum benefit from minimum efforts. 




  • Wake up energized.
  • Have even more focus to achieve your goals.
  • Finally reach your potential without having to struggle.