Tidying Up and Declutter for a Better Life

Why Declutter?

You wake up in the morning and it begins. The tension in your neck and shoulders, the nagging thoughts that run through your head, the constant pull of life’s stress. You look around at the clutter in your home. The junk on your desk at work. The piles of clutter and stuff that has built up right under your nose. Stacking on your mind like bags of sand fighting against a flood. Excessive clutter is the output of being overly stressed. This stress comes from many corners of your life.

  • Financial
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • and the list goes on…


Clutter can distract your mind, hold you back from achieving, and cause chaos in your life. Clutter can build so high that it becomes overwhelming to even think of dealing with it. Tackling the clutter becomes another source of stress! This is a vicious cycle that can grow and grow if left unchecked.

Getting rid of the clutter in your life and living a clutter-free lifestyle doesn’t have to be so hard. Once you start on the path to decluttering you can enjoy the benefits in many areas of your life. By taking small steps and making incremental progress you can begin a habit of decluttering your space and decluttering your life.

Many people really want to declutter and simplify their lives with less stuff but they just do not know where to start. In the book Declutter Your Life we tackle the topics of clutter, stress, and creating a lifestyle that helps you to live as your best self. Many people have joined the decluttering revolution. They have learned some very important tools and techniques for living life to the fullest.

Decluttering allows you to:

  • Save money
  • More time to enjoy your friends / family
  • More time to spend doing what you love
  • Enjoy more living space
  • Mental freedom
  • Less stress
  • Less debt
  • Less time cleaning and organizing
  • More mental clarity and focus
  • More energy
  • More time to work on your goals
  • And many more

Learning to declutter is a skill that anyone can learn and it doesn’t take as much time as you may think. Using a clearly defined plan to organize and declutter makes all the difference when taking back control of your space and your mental well being.

Want to learn more about decluttering and managing your busy life? Read a free sample of Declutter Your Life. It’s easy, fast, and free. We hope you enjoy and find the clarity and freedom you deserve in your life.
– Erik & Lisa

Erik Mercer

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  • Wake up energized.
  • Have even more focus to achieve your goals.
  • Finally reach your potential without having to struggle.