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  200 Million Americans Want to Become an Author! But can just anyone write and publish a book? The answer is YES, and everyone should start RIGHT NOW! EVERYONE has a unique story or special skill to share with the world. And publishing a book has never been easier (or more profitable). A 2014 survey from Mark Coker, founder of e-book distributor Smashwords [...]

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5 Reasons Small Habits Are The Recipe For Success

  Research, personal experience, and common sense teaches us that success doesn’t happen overnight. Consistent daily practice is the best recipe for success. Creating BIG life-changing habits is a difficult process that usually leads to failure. Stop relying on willpower and good intentions to change your life for good. For real change that lasts, focus on small daily [...]

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7 Habits of Successful People

Learn the Habits of Successful People for Great Communication Every great leader is a also a great communicator. Great leaders are intentional about their communication. They understand the habits of successful people and strive to live those habits daily. They work to builid connections with others. They influence and inspire others to do their best. Master these ways success [...]

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Tidying Up and Declutter for a Better Life

Why Declutter? You wake up in the morning and it begins. The tension in your neck and shoulders, the nagging thoughts that run through your head, the constant pull of life’s stress. You look around at the clutter in your home. The junk on your desk at work. The piles of clutter and stuff that has built up right under your nose. Stacking on your mind like bags of sand fig [...]

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